Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Lil' B was in the The Pack, aka, them dudes from Berkeley with that song about Vans. He's way more interesting on his solo shit with his whole Based thing, which is his way of being himself and being nuts or whatever. It's cool I guess and it works for him. He's a creative dude with interesting taste in beats, which makes up for the fact that he's not that into rhyming or maintaining a steady rhythm all the time. In addition to maintaing like 30 myspace pages,, & feeding Cocaine Blunts blog w/ tracks on a regular basis, he also released his album "I'm Thraxx" on his own to & iTunes. Dude is all up in the Internet forreal. Peep the random tracks and the video for "Victory 2010", from "I'm Thraxx" where he strokes his goofy-ass feud with the New Boyz by brandishing a lazer talkin about how he's hunting them while out in LA.

Lil' B - I'm Heem

Lil' B - I'm God

Lil' B - Good Morning


Wednesday, October 14, 2009



As promised, here go those Gucci Mane remixes I talked about like a month ago.




Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was first introduced to Epcot's music @ perennial SF sweatbox, The Li-Po Lounge. He and Salva were absolutely murdering the soundsystem and I was jealous. By avoiding the academically-tinged nerd rap shit and focusing more on daily life in the city and it's grimeyness he breathes breaths of fresh air all over some of the most innovative production in the game. His debut full-length "Heroes" is out today on Frite Nite and was produced entirely by FN head-honcho Salva (aka juke/bounce don, Phosho). Shit goes hard. "And I Could Die Tonight" is expertly conveyed post-millennial anxiety to the tune of a 50-ft Robo-Blap. I dunno what else to say cept pick this up on iTunes and contemplate your place in this crazy ass world on the doorstep of an even crazier ass future.

Epcot (feat. Salva) - And I Could Die Tonight


Monday, October 5, 2009

damn kids

Yeah the high school rap boy band shit is goin nuts all over. Cats in LA jerk, cats down south (&myself) swag surf and cats wherever else do whatever else and yeahyeah you get the idea. Everybody got a dance or something. Travis Porter is three teenage dudes from the ATL and their shit basically sounds like mall rap, but when their sing-songy vocals shift from schoolyard to club themes they do aight.

"All the Way Turnt Up" is their homerun as far as I'm concerned. The hook is almost too anthemic. Love this type of shit. Swag horns, 808s and shoutable hooks all day.

Travis Porter - All the Way Turnt Up

You can dowload a .zip of their full catalog of 104 tracks on their myspace. Some wild shit in there.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nicki the Ninja

Yeah I been away for a second handlin' stuff but it's all good. Aight. Yeah so heads that follow rap on the internet or whatever are no doubt familiar with New York's (Queens) Nicki Minaj. Basically she has more personality in her little finger than most rap broads got in their dreams. She has a couple mixtapes out (Beam Me Up Scotty & Sucka Free) and a for real official record on due sometime in 09.

"Go Hard f/ Lil' Wayne", off the Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape is epic. 50 foot-tall auto-tune hooks and a fuckin guitar solo (Wayne?). Yeah she sings (Anteres) too I guess. The Runners offer up a Michael Bay-sized track with reverb-soaked synth strings & 808 drums. Nicki and Wayne do the title justice, which is cool, but the guitar solo is a little corny to me. Wayne even says "Guitar" exactly as the guitar comes in. Thanks.

Nicki Minaj - Go Hard (feat. Lil' Wayne)

"Itty Bitty Piggy" is a single-verse exhibition of what she's all about. In a nutshell or whatever.

Nicki Minaj - Itty Bitty Piggy


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


UGH. I was just talkin yesterday about how I was gonna remix the first track from Gang Gang Dance's Saint Dymphna, "Bebey", but come to find out, DJ/Rupture & Matt Shadetek already did. Fuckers. Whatever, I might still give it a shot, make it a little less worldly (even though that's what I like about all artists involved w/ this) and maybe even put raps on it. Regardless of what I may or may not do, this remix is pretty good. It takes a lot of the interesting bits from the original track & adds a 4/4 bounce to make it DJ friendly. It's been on repeat for almost like 12hrs now and probably will be for a few more.

Gang Gang Dance - Bebey (DJ/Rupture & Matt Shadetek Remix)


Monday, September 21, 2009


Aight so we're gonna diversify our bonds n shit and keep this thang movin. Terrestrial Tones is 1 part Animal Collective (Avey Tare) and 1 part Black Dice (Eric Copeland). They on more of a noise-vibe and as far as improvised noise goes it's not too bad. "The Sailor" however is one of those songs where all their elements & influences & techniques coalesce into a magical piece of distorted pop magic. The mostly unintelligible vocals ride the little modulated synth that serves as the backbone like a sailor does w/ ocean waves. Hence the title I guess. This shit is perfect for long drives/flights/acid freakouts/campfires/college football tailgate parties and quinceaƱeras.

Terrestrial Tones - The Sailor


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Zaytoven is one of those dudes. He supposedly makes like 10 beats a day and given his steady stream of output he probably really makes like 30. He's mostly known for his work with Gucci & Juiceman & Soulja Boy but with Brick Money Vol. 1 he gives a lot of less shiny cats some shine. While quality control doesn't really seem to have been emphasized too heavily with this collection (40 tracks total + like 4 or 5 or 6 tracks who's beats BARELY sound different) there are still quite a few jams on here. Zay's goofy classicalist 808 swag is in full effect throughout. Peep a few a dems

Rocko - On Something

Yo Gotti feat. Shawna - Holla

Gorilla Zoe - I Shit On Em


Saturday, September 19, 2009

RIP Roc Raida

An inspiration to every DJ/beat-dude in the game, whether they know it or not.

RIP bruh, the game misses you already.



Yeah yo E-40 got ANOTHER record comin out. Ballstreet Journal, his last record, was (to me @ least) better than expected and Dr. Water (I know, sorry) doesn't really seem to be losin any steam in his rapidly advancing age. Seriously though Jeezy is like a little kid on this track compared to 40 and B-Legit, they both inchin ever so close to FIFTY YEARS OLD. 40 is 40 (forreal) and B-Legit been on records since the 80's so that means dude gotta be up there. Plus look @ him. Grizzly MF sans beard. Far as I'm concerned 50-year old rappers can rap till they're 60 if they have a stash of beats like this & 40 probably does. Dunno who to dap for producing this cut but cheers mayne, shit's heavy.

E-40 feat. Young Jeezy & B-Legit - Get Money


Friday, September 18, 2009


So, your welcome.

Daily dose of heatrocks to ease world anxiety juuuust a smidge. Right.


The world also needs more Gucci Mane though. His album drops in November or something and since I have like a million of his acapellas I decided to remix a few of em. Some of em are weird. In that there are bars missing. It's weird. I dunno. Whatever so here's one of the done ones. The rest will come in a pack all together. Call this the lead single. Or you can call it awesome. I like to call it trilly. Don't call it trilly though cuz that's retarded and I should stop. Deal.

Gucci Mane - Freaky Girl (So What Remix)

Click player to DL

Gucci Mane remix pack coming soon.